“May May” is the design force at ‘Pearl Magpie’, having been involved in the Jewellery trade for over 40 years. May’s experience in jewellery and fashion stand her in good stead to advise on trendy Necklaces, Wedding Accessories and statement Rings, as well as helping you to design the perfect pearl piece for your ensemble. For the past 25 years May’s mantra has been:

“…for me, Pearls are "living Gems" and nature’s most spectacular wearable wonder ..."

May’s Husband, Mike, has trained at the GIA, (Gemological Institute of America) gaining further experience of pearls by visiting pearl farms and pearl dealers across the world. As an ex Diver and undersea explorer, the eco friendly pearl oyster and its glorious offspring, are perfect companions in business

As a team, May & Mike have specialised in “Pearl” Jewellery and this speciality has brought them in contact with a wonderfully diverse group of customers from all parts of the Globe, who all share the one thing in common and that is the sublime pleasure of wearing, Nature’s gift… a glorious and inimitable PEARL!